As of June 17th, Wishlist API is now out of beta.



  • Fixed inaccuracies in Orders POST. Removed sub-resources that are read-only and marked required fields.
  • Added discount_rules type and price_list_id to Customer Groups.
  • Added an example of adding a product to an order with the Storefront API.
  • Updated Order Products with new examples showing multiple products and custom products.
  • Updated Order Products price_tax, total_tax and applied_discounts definitions to show how the tax is calculated.
  • UPC was added to Order PUT and POST. UPC can be added to existing catalog products or custom order products.
  • Updated Working with the Storefront APIs to show an example of adding a line item to an existing cart.


  • Removed Basic Non NPM tutorial from Stencil documentation. Information can be found under Customizing JavaScript.