• Updated the node and npm versions required to use Widget Builder.

  • Added an article about getting started with Next.js + BigCommerce, the BigCommerce-optimized version of Vercel’s Next Commerce v2. Archived the v1 Quick Start.


  • Node-sass

BigCommerce is preparing to deprecate our current SASS compiler, node-sass fork, in favor of the more modern node-sass, which will allow us to support the latest versions of Node (Node 18) in Stencil CLI.

BigCommerce is sunsetting the node-sass fork on 11/1/2023. Sunsetting this fork means your live storefront will run into styling issues after this date unless you address these issues.

To ensure your storefront is up to date, please do the following:

  • Using the latest version of stencil-cli, run the stencil bundle command to validate your theme’s code and note any errors in the console output.

    • stencil bundle

  • For most issues, we have supplied an option to run a script to update your files with the correct formatting. You can do this by running the following:

    • To see what changes will be made without actually changing/saving said changes, we have created a dry run option.

      • stencil -scss-autofix.js --dry

    • To make the changes and revalidate simply run the following:

      • stencil -scss-autofix.js

      • stencil bundle

    • You may wish to test your site after making these changes to ensure there are no visual regressions. You can simply run stencil start as usual to preview the site.

    • If everything looks good, you can run stencil push (or follow your normal theme deployment workflow) to push the changes live to your storefront.

  • App Extensions

BigCommerce is pleased to announce the release of a new feature for App developers called App Extensions.

This new feature helps BigCommerce App developers create more deeply embedded experiences by allowing an app's functionality to augment certain pages of the BigCommerce control panel, such as View Orders, View Products, and View Customers to allow apps that help with order management, catalog management, and customer management to integrate into a merchant's existing workflow.

Using this feature, you can link directly to your app’s functionality from the relevant pages of the BigCommerce control panel to streamline a user’s workflow and allow them to accomplish tasks using your app without switching contexts or performing duplicative steps.

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