• B2B Edition, formerly BundleB2B, released its new Buyer Portal framework last week. We’ve extensively revised our article on B2B Edition for Stencil to clarify the differences.


  • We’re excited to announce that we’ve split the Catalog API spec file into seven parts: Brands, Categories, Category Trees, Products, Product Modifiers, Product Variants, and Product Variant Options. This split should solve performance issues, as the old file was > 27k lines. This change also moves the Catalog API into its own section of the menu. We plan to delete the old spec file in two weeks. We welcome your feedback through our feedback collector in the lower right corner of the site or through any of our Dev Community channels.

  • We’ve also reorganized the Payments API files. Each Payments endpoint is now its own file. We chose to handle spec parsing issues that obscured the correct payment processing server and authentication mechanism. This change also clarifies the Payments API section of the menu.