• Updated Orders V2 to support the limit parameter for the DELETE all orders endpoint.

  • Data Solutions is now available. The API reference is included in the GraphQL Admin API reference.

  • Added show_pre_order_stock_levels and show_out_of_stock_message fields to Inventory Settings in the Settings API and GraphQL Storefront API.

  • Added assignVar handlebars helpers limit of 50 unique keys.

  • The Apps Quick Start article now provides instructions to configure your app’s remove_user callback. 

  • Pages V2 is officially deprecated. If you haven’t switched to Pages V3, now is the time!

  • Updated the About our APIs article, including a note that our response headers are case-insensitive.

  • Updated the Catalog API. We’re excited about the upcoming changes to make the Catalog specification more pull request friendly. See the following bigcommerce/api-specs pull requests: