• Added the date_last_imported field to the product model. The field format is a nullable datetime string (e.g., “2024-01-24T14:36:56+00:00”). The field is modifiable and filterable.

  • We’re happy to announce that you can add a set of query_parameters to the Create Cart Redirect URL when redirecting the shopper. For example, specifying query_params =[“utm_source” => “mailchimp”] in a request captures the utm_source parameter. When the shopper clicks on the redirect URL to proceed to the checkout page, the appended link will appear as /checkout?utm_source=mailchimp.

Bug Fixes

  • Renamed the “Get All Metafields” reference titles to be more relevant to the resource type you want to retrieve and to prevent duplicate names across different schemas.

  • We’ve updated the Creating Channels section of the Headless Guide to provide more clarity around the order of the steps in the channel creation process.

  • The correct schema is now available for Create a Refund. Previous Request Body and Response Body examples displayed reason in the order level and items level.

  • Added titles to Catalog response schemas. These changes will make return types more readable for users using our docs to generate clients.

  • Changed primary_images to primary_image for the include query parameter for the Category API’s Get All Products endpoint.