• Added the MPN filter attribute to Catalog Products endpoints. Thank you, Andrew Barber, at Space 48, for submitting Issue 126.

  • Added recommendations for cursor-based pagination when iterating over a large number of coupons.

  • The Big Open Data Layer now includes two newly-released events, load and update shopper consent. Now, you can send these events to 3rd-party analytics providers.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved incorrect variants array schemas in the Product Variants and Products endpoints.

  • Added a missing field for the custom_url object schema for the Update a Product endpoint.

  • Updated the url_zoom description to include the maximum image size for the Catalog Products endpoints.

  • Fixed the description about option type set by default from radio buttons to rectangles in the Create variant using the product endpoint operation.

  • Clarified the need to include a cart’s entityID when using the getCart query with customer impersonation tokens.