• Store-level API accounts now have dedicated scopes for working with metafields. These scopes are helpful for API consumers who wish to prevent their metafields from interference.

  • We now have more query examples for the Users feature of the GraphQL Account API. Account admins can include collectionInfo and totalItems in your query requests to collect the total number of items in the collection.

  • The Get Store Information endpoint now returns information about storefront limits! The new data includes the number of active storefronts and the total number of storefronts, including inactive ones.

  • The Get All Orders parameters now include external_order_id. You can add the parameter to your request to include Order IDs from external systems.

  • Updated the Delete All Pricelist endpoint’s parameter to include the in value. To run a request to delete multiple pricelists, you must pair the in value with the id value: id:in.

Bug Fixes