• We added the origin_channel_id to the list of read-only fields in the Customers V3 API. This field is set upon customer creation and cannot be updated afterward.

  • The newly released Tax Settings API’s document_submission_strategy field lets you choose when to submit tax documents to third-party tax providers.

  • We’re happy to announce the new store/modifier/updated webhook and the store/option/updated webhook, which fires when you update a modifier or variant option globally or for a channel.

  • The new store/product/updated webhook fires when you update the product for a channel.


  • The bigcommerce/docs repo now contains the OpenAPI Specification files for promotions, inventory, locations, and other newer API features!

  • The narrative documents’ source file structure in the bigcommerce/docs repo now matches the Dev Center URLs. Finding the document you want to modify is now easier than ever.

  • The API reference source file restructure in the bigcommerce/reference repo is in progress. After completion, we will give all API client maintainers enough notice to reset your references.

Bug Fix

  • Corrected the request body for the Create Cart redirect URL endpoint. Now, the request body will no longer throw errors.