• The newly released price list and price list records webhooks are now available. Now, you can add events and use batch price lists and price list record events where appropriate.

  • Added BigCommerce terms of service and privacy policy to endpoints, which included adding a product video, such as Create a Product Video.

  • Updated the Create Categories endpoint to auto-generate category URLs from the category name when you don’t provide the URL.

  • BigCommerce’s Storefront GraphQL now supports customer-specific mutations in a beta release. Access to customer data in the graph makes it easier for front-end developers to create customer-specific experiences for their headless storefronts as guest shoppers transition to registered customer accounts.

    Key use cases now supported by customer mutations are:

    • Register a Customer

    • Update a Customer

    • Add a Customer Address

    • Update a Customer Address

    • Delete a Customer Address

    • Change Password

    • Request a Password Reset

    • Reset Password

Bug Fixes