Bug Fixes

  • Updated the discount_amount definition in Checkout Coupons endpoints.

  • Corrected the shipping consignment example in the Add Consignment to Checkout endpoint.

  • Corrected the type for external_order_id query parameter in the Get All Orders endpoint.

  • Added “read-only” and removed the enum of accepted values for tax_provider_id on OrdersV2 Create/update.

  • Fixed a bug that shows duplication of default_currency_code and billing_address fields in the OrdersV2 API response body.

  • The variants collection of product nodes now contains an SKU filter to filter the collection of variants by one or more SKU codes.

  • Removed contradictory information regarding adding YAML front matter to the templates/pages subdirectory. Thank you Matt Coy from Arctic Leaf for assisting with this issue.

  • We’ve updated the blog feature specification in Store Content to note that the is_published field defaults to false on both POST and PUT. Pass true to avoid reverting the post to draft status.

  • We’ve clarified that some 422 errors in calls to the Channel Listings feature of the Management API include a group_id, which is the same as the listing_id of the request.

  • We’re continuing to convert query params that provide comma-separated lists to unexploded form-style arrays, making generated API clients more efficient.

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