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  • Update the cart total when QTY is updated

  • Update total button click while calculating shipping will update the total price.


  • Fixed issue that occurred when webhooks option is enabled during the onboarding process. BC4WP will now check if a webhook already exists and return its ID instead of trying to recreate it.

  • Fixed error occurring while plugin activation. The problem was caused by handling the property on an empty object

  • Fixed bccustomervisibleterms value issue. Previously WP_Error could be set as the transient value and cause issues on the storefront. Currently, when an error occurs, an empty value will be saved to transient.

  • Fixed the inventory updates via webhook. The inventory level should be updated when it is changed on the BC side whether a product or variant tracking is enabled.

  • Fixed product images switch when the user selects the variant. The corresponding image of the variant will be displayed.