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  • Added separate logging section for webhooks. The section can be found under Settings -> Diagnostics -> Get Diagnostics. It shows entries from webhooks incoming requests(validation issues, endpoints triggering, webhooks errors)


  • Fixed the customer's cache purging during the final import cleanup. Cache cleanup was moved to a background cron job to prevent the import process freeze due to the store's high number of customers.

  • To speed up the import process running import tasks in parallel was added. You can enable the option in BigCommerce > Settings > Product Sync. Enabling it will add an additional background task runs on listings, channels initialization, and product data fetching.

  • Added support for customer webhooks, which will enable real-time data syncing between BigCommerce and BC4WP for customer-related data, such as new customers being created and updated login settings. You can enable the option during the onboarding process or in BigCommerce > Settings > Product Sync.