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  • Added ability to control images import. It adds the ability to choose between serving images from external CDN, skip import completely, or serving images as usual. To access these settings go to Bigcommerce > Settings > Product Sync > Images Import. There are three options to choose from:

    • Full images import - the default behavior. During the sync with BigCommerce, each image is downloaded and stored in WordPress locally. All images are served from the WordPress environment

    • Import only images URL - a new option that allows you to only retrieve images URIs from BigCommerce and serve images with that URIs. Images won't be stored in WordPress locally and will be loaded from an external source(Bigcommerce CDN)

    • Disable images import - completely disable images import. No images are added to the WordPress environment during the sync process. Images from Bigcommerce CDN won't be loaded either. However, you are still able to set a featured image on the product and it will be displayed on the frontend