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  • Added automatic API scope check during the plugin installation. If the API credentials don’t meet the required criteria, the plugin installation will be aborted and an error message will be shown.

  • Added the ability to control customer's group cache expiration time and the ability to purge customer and products cache. To control or purge the cache go to Bigcommerce > Settings > Diagnostics.

  • Use the Flush Users Cache button to purge the customers' group cache and retrieve fresh data from the Bigcommerce API.

  • Use the User Cache Expiration option field to set the time that the group cache should be stored for.

  • Use the Flush Products Cache button to invalidate products cache.
    Note: If webhooks are enabled the cache will be automatically invalidated.


  • Update plugin readme Tested up to version.

  • Update styles for Choose Options on Twenty Twenty-Two theme.


  • Correct label spelling from Production Condition Color to Product Condition Color in Customizer Colors section.

  • Fix image zoom styling on product page for Twenty Twenty-One theme.