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  • Support for WPGraphQL plugin queries has been added:

    • bCProducts - retrieves a list of BigCommerce products

    • bCProduct - retrieves single product data by product ID

    • bCCategories - get the BigCommerce categories list and their data

    • bCCategory - get BigCommerce category data by category ID

    • bCBrands - get BigCommerce brands data list and their data

    • bCBrand - get BigCommerce brand data by brand ID

  • Support for BigCommerce out of stock inventory settings located in Advanced Settings > Inventory > General Settings. To enable that feature in the plugin go to Customizer > Bigcommerce > Product Catalog > Respect General Inventory Settings. If the option is enabled, the next actions will be applied to the products:

    • Do nothing - product will be shown without changes

    • Redirect to the category page - user will be redirected from product page to product category page if a product is out of stock

    • Hide product on category page - product can be accessed directly with a link but will be hidden from the category page

    • Hide the product completely - the product will be hidden from the category page and can't be accessible with a direct link


  • Successful customer registration will not perform auto-login to the WordPress store. Customers should sign in to the store using the login page

  • Password reset form after submission will redirect customers to the same site in WordPress network
    For example: If the customer submits the reset password form on nb.store.com after submission they still stay on the nb.store.com

  • Pass product SKU in analytics events alongside product ID

  • Synchronize password option is enabled by default for customers created via webhooks


  • Fixed the scopes issue during on-boarding process that prevented store connection and setup

  • Fixed total and subtotal calculation on the cart when using discounts like Buy one, get one free

  • Fixes for the Twenty Twenty-Two theme include:

    • Correct alignments for second address row

    • Correct Wishlist size

    • Correct coupon code field size on the cart page

    • Correct mini-cart View cart button size