• Fixed escaping on created store account confirm message. #2265

  • Migrate Cornerstone to new "Hide Price From Guests" functionality. #2262

  • Add accelerated buttons container into 'add to cart' popup on Product Details Page(PDP). #2264

  • Made PDP wallet buttons container hidden in cases when the product is not purchasable or out of stock. #2267

  • Updated PayPal Accelerated Checkout default button styles. #2268

  • Add logic to collect Product Details data and send it to the BC App stencil template through custom event. #2270

  • Allow quantity of "0" in cart to remove item. #2266

  • Fix the issue with getting product details data if the product details form is valid on page load. #2271

  • Delay validation on account signup, message form, and account edit page. #2274

  • Update key render-blocking resources to be preloaded via HTTP headers/Early Hints. #2261