New Features

  • You may now request the product description as plain text (with HTML tags stripped) using the new plainTextDescription field. To encourage not over-fetching, and to support cases where you want to show only a small preview of the summary, you may specify the desired number of characters using the characterLimit argument.
  • New newestProducts, featuredProducts, and bestSellingProducts nodes have been added, which reflect the same products returned by the equivalent home page panels in Stencil.
  • A new basePrice field has been added to the product node, which reflects the base price of a product before any sale pricing or other price modifications. This is similar to the non_sale_price in Stencil. It can be used (in comparison to the price or salePrice to indicate when a product is on sale)

Bug fixes

  • When the customer login mutation returns an error, the error is now correctly contained within the standard errors object. Previously, this error would be returned as part of an incorrectly-named error (singular) object.

Deprecations and removals

  • The deprecated product.priceRanges node now returns null. It will be fully removed in a future release. Use the equivalent product.prices.priceRange instead.