Our GraphQL Storefront API is now in Open Beta and available for use on any store using Stencil.

The GraphQL Storefront API enables you to freely query storefront data on top of the BigCommerce Stencil theming framework. This means that you can use frontend JavaScript to access the same information you previously had to write as template logic. For example, you can:

  • Access Product Option details about any product from any page
  • Ask for details about particular product variations based on option values or variant IDs
  • Request a product’s custom fields
  • Request any of a product’s images, at any resolution
  • Ask for details about a Customer, such as their name, email address, and Customer Attributes
  • Look up an object by its URL, and fetch information about it
  • Build frontend applications on top of Stencil or externally

Learn more about how to get started with it here: https://developer.bigcommerce.com/api-docs/storefront/graphql/graphql-storefront-api-overview